Do you like gold? Do you like money? I think most of the people love them. People might consider that gold and money are the most valuable things in the world,but I would rather say that to read books is more valuable than anything else,because books give us knowledge and knowledge can give us power to do many things or solve many problems.

The old saying," To open a book is always beneficial." obviously shows us how good to read a book. It must be noticed that some books are good, some are bad. So how to select a good book to read is very important for us.

Books are our teachers. They tell us about truth, science, literature and philosophy of life. They not only increase our knowledge but also enlarge our experience and help us enhance our spiritual growth.

Our life is limited, but the knowledge is boundless. Books can tell us what is good and what is evil. Books are our instructors, but also our protectors. Moreover, reading books can help one cultivate one's virtue and live in happiness and peace. Therefore, to read a book every day is necessary and it is also a best way to enrich our life. Do you agree with me? If you do, then please open a book and read it right now. I'm sure you can get some benefits by that.






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